Allegra Morgado

Safety is key while travelling alone. You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. I wouldn’t walk alone at night and I’d always make sure I knew a few subway or metro stops around my hostel so I could ask people for help if I couldn’t find my way back.

“I said I only teach serious heterosexual guys like Marcel Proust and Truman Capote,” said Gilmour. “My assumption was that the journalist was sophisticated enough to understand that those are two of the gayest guys who ever lived, but apparently that went over her head and she thought I was being homophobic and taking a shot at gay writers.”

In the documentary, Kilbourne says ads don’t only sell products. “They sell images, they sell concepts of love and sexuality, of success, and perhaps most important, of normalcy,” she says. “To a great extent they tell us who we are, and who we should be.”

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