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It would be incredibly difficult for the Conservatives to dismiss her views and charge her with embarking on a smear campaign in order to win the next federal election. If she were power hungry, she would join a different party.

The CFS website encourages students to oppose the bill, lamenting that “the Conservative government has attempted to make these changes with zero public consultation.” Ironically, I don’t remember being consulted when the CFS decided to spend my money on an ad that criticizes a policy I happen to support.

While our politicians may be very good at rallying supporters and defending their constituents’ interests, they can’t be expected to be experts in every field. There is a clear need to establish mechanisms that require leaders to base their decisions on the work of those who devote their lives to their fields of research, not on their personal ideology.

It seems as though everyone is highly concerned about this — except for us students. And with only 38.8 per cent of citizens between the ages of 18 and 24 voting, this is not the time to make it harder for students to vote.

In retrospect, much of the difficulties faced by western forces in Afghanistan were the result of a wrong-headed approach to the conflict. Airstrikes that often failed to sufficiently distinguish between enemy combatants and civilians galvanized opposition among civilians both within Afghanistan and back at home.

But perhaps what is keeping youths out of politics is the idea behind the criticism of Obama’s video — that men and women who hold office should only be involved in activities that hold a certain amount of “dignity.”

There are mass protests planned in many Canadian cities to bring attention to what environmentalists believe to be pure stupidity on the part of the government, though all of the protests north of Toronto have been cancelled due to ferociously cold temperatures.

Optimistic that the bill will improve the elections process at the federal level, a student lobbyist group at the U of O called Students for Fair Elections is advocating changing the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) elections to reflect the federal model, in hopes of making it more efficient and fair for everyone.

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