Carleton University

“After countless testimonies and much evidence from both schools, it became unquestionably obvious that the University of Ottawa was far greater than Carleton University. Ottawa U proved to be historically better in several critical categories, including the overall good looks of students, the quality of their taste in all things, and of course general cleanliness and smell.”

It’s great that we’re having a meaningful debate, but if we never arrive at a conclusion or even a semblance of one, what’s the point? Just watch the Piers Morgan gun control debate with Alex Jones, an American gun activist, to get a sense of how free speech on steroids becomes a verbal boxing match with no winner.

Students raise awareness about U-Pass price increase ON OCT. 31, students at Carleton University, led by the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA), dressed up as zombies and attended a mock funeral for the loss of important transit routes while getting students to sign postcards petitioning against proposed fare hikes for the U-Pass. “Because it was …

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