The Graduate Students’ Association (GSAÉD) will present a motion at the 33rd Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) general meeting to seek approval to produce a documentary on commercialization in Canadian universities.

With the student federation election campaigns now underway, many of those involved in student politics believe continued membership in the Canadian Federation of Students should be a focal point of discussion.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a recent document released by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities that proposed a number of changes to post-secondary education, including offering more courses online, shortening university degrees to three years, and standardizing curricula across the province.

Katherine DeClerq | Fulcrum Staff WHILE A FEW hundred students gathered on Morisset Terrace for the Canadian Federation of Students-inspired National Day of Action, I stayed indoors to work on an assignment. While people banged on drums and yelled into megaphones, I sat at a desk on the fifth floor of the library with my …

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