Niceness itself isn’t a problem — a nice person is kind and pleasant — but dating and friendship require a little more. We all want to spend time with good people, but we also want to spend time with people who intrigue us and like doing the same things we do.

Your dick is not the size of a baby’s head, so it’s not too big to fit inside a vag. I’ll give it to you though, giving birth is not necessarily a comfortable experience; so yes, your girth might be causing some gargantuan issues in the sack.

Online dating gets student-specific TORONTO (CUP)—A NEW ONLINE dating website,, may soon be making its way to Canada. Created by Columbia Business School students Jean Meyer and Balazs Alexa, the website currently allows students enrolled at over 350 American universities to meet people online who are exclusively within their academic circle of choice. Currently, …

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