david agbaire

Her production on the pitch made her one of the Gees’ most powerful weapons, as the team utilized her stellar defence and precise kicking to wear down their opponents.

As one of the most dangerous scoring threats to ever don the garnet and grey, Francki was part of the veteran core of Gee-Gees teams that were perennial national championship contenders.

Millennials are facing a job market with more freedom to move While “not being able to hold down a job” would be seen as a character flaw for any Baby Boomer, switching jobs—and even fields—has become commonplace, and even a positive experience for many Millennials. Far from being a simple case of generational itchy feet, …

On Feb. 9-11 the Student Federation University of Ottawa will be holding an election for various unfilled positions as well as a referendum asking students to vote on three different issues. There’ll be polling stations set up where students can vote on the price of a summer U-Pass, if the price of the dental and …

It’s clear that not all sports are treated equally. People often muse how the only time they pay attention to certain sports is when the Olympics comes by every four years.

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