Recent rumours depicting Planned Parenthood as the big bad wolf has forced the Ottawa branch’s president, Lauren Dobson-Hughes, to make a plea to the public for support.

This past week members of Canada’s three major political parties gathered in the Faculty of Social Sciences building at the University of Ottawa to discuss how environmental sustainability can be reconciled with political interests and economic realities in Canada. The discussion was part of a series of iVote events at the U of O.

Clapping, chanting, and a vuvuzela interrupted University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo and her speech on “men’s issues and feminism’s double standards” on March 28, causing a loud feud between participants and protestors.

The championship for the central division title of the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID) took place March 8–10. The University of Ottawa English Debating Society (EDS) hosted the Léger Cup as participating schools fought for first place in CUSID’s central division.

Pro-lifers should be targeting debaters LAST WEDNESDAY, I was on my way to class when I noticed an eye-catching poster on one of our school’s many bulletin boards. Under the title “Abortion Debate,” it layed out the time, date, and other details of an event to be hosted by the University of Ottawa Students for …

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