Malala is not alone. She is one child among hundreds victimized in conflict zones year after year. However, this girl’s determination and devotion to education allowed her to transform what could have been a symbol of a child’s weakness and of woman’s oppression into a symbol of contestation.

Before you pay your tuition fees again, research your options thoroughly, meditate in a quiet place, separate hype from reality, and understand why you are making your educational decisions.

As I looked at one VHS in particular, I began thinking back to the documentaries we watched in class at my old high school, and then a thought struck me: We don’t teach politics enough.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a recent document released by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities that proposed a number of changes to post-secondary education, including offering more courses online, shortening university degrees to three years, and standardizing curricula across the province.

Point/Counterpoint Sofia Hashi | Fulcrum Staff It’s a question that has been debated time and time again, on and off campuses: Is higher education a right or a privilege? With the London riots almost two years ago and the province of Quebec more recently coming to a near standstill over a proposed tuition hike, there’s …

STUDENTS ARE USED to being graded. On essays, assignments, and final exams, students must synthesize and reiterate everything they’ve learned. For professors, the evaluation process is no less demanding or comprehensive. There are many surveys and organizations focused on monitoring the quality of education in Ontario, and at the University of Ottawa specifically, to ensure …

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