Also fuzzy, but less cute, were the germs I later discovered lurking in my residence, a building whose delightfully ivy-covered exterior cleverly distracted from the dark secrets hidden within.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that wisdom beforehand, and fewer regrets after? We here at the Fulcrum put our heads together to try to give you just that.

Here’s a brief survival guide for making it through those debaucherous evenings with nothing but a strong buzz and a stronger French vocabulary.

Despite your satisfaction with your timetable, if you walk into the classroom and encounter any of the following, run far, far away.

Alt 101 Week offers diverse events for students VEGAN BREAKFASTS, SEX workshops, and a night of political comedy are just a few of the events featured during the Ontario Public Interest Research Group’s (OPIRG) Alternative 101 Week. A radically different approach to the popular 101 Weeks organized by the U of O’s academic departments, this week-long series of dry, accessible, queer-positive, …

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