jasmine van schouwen

Are plastic bags that big of an environmental issue? Photo courtesy of Tina Wallace Point: We should focus on more important issues Jasmine van Schouwen | Fulcrum Staff Companies who claim they are curbing pollution by reducing plastic bag production are misleading and short-sighted. Plastic bags are a problem, there’s no doubt about that. According …

Malala is not alone. She is one child among hundreds victimized in conflict zones year after year. However, this girl’s determination and devotion to education allowed her to transform what could have been a symbol of a child’s weakness and of woman’s oppression into a symbol of contestation.

At the end of the day, it’s not just the scandal we should be paying attention to. We need to observe our prime minister’s response to it because it is an indicator of our country’s leadership. Not only does his response display a lack of integrity, but more importantly, by deflecting the blame onto a different politician every day, he’s also displaying an inability to take responsibility.

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