I’d like to avoid the “You’re a WHAT?!” confrontation as much as possible, but I also don’t feel obligated to say, “Hi, I’m your date, and I’m also a hooker.”

You know when you really, really gotta go? When you’ve held it in all day and are just dying to piss? Lately, when that’s happened to me, I’ve been picturing peeing on my partner instead of into a toilet. I know golden showers aren’t thought of as sexy by very many people, but I think urinating on another person would be really pleasurable for me.

There’s been huge backlash in the feminist community against “nice-guy syndrome” because niceness should be a human quality, not one you employ because you think it entitles you to automatically get lucky. I suggest you look said syndrome up.

It is the possibility of falling in love with someone that made me decide to keep my virginity; that day I locked my vagina shut and threw away the key!

Whether you’ll be celebrating the holidays long-distance with your honey, or spending the festive season holding hands in front of the fireplace, there are compromises to be made. The mistletoe always looks greener on the other side of the room, but there are perks and pits to both situations. Here, two students share their perspectives on making their differently-distanced relationships work during December.

Although these seem to be obvious qualities anyone would want from a partner, it isn’t always easy to identify whether or not they are lacking when you’re blinded by emotion. Sara Quinton* is a U of O student who was in an unhealthy relationship. She didn’t recognize the negative aspects of her relationship until her after partner broke up with her.

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