OC transpo

OTTAWA’S PUBLIC TRANSIT will be hectic until 2018, according to Mayor Jim Watson. This year’s university move-in weekend will provide new and returning students with first-hand experience of the discord expected in the downtown core with the construction of the new Light Rail Transit (LRT) line.

With the fall semester approaching, issues surrounding Ottawa’s transit policy towards students are heating up. Representatives from Ottawa’s seven student associations hand-delivered letters to city councillors in July, asking them to raise the current age restriction on monthly student passes and also offer a summer U-Pass.

The Algonquin Students’ Association (ASA) started running ads that criticized OC Transpo for these changes. The ads were part of a campaign entitled “Age Does not Define a Student,” funded by the ASA.

Dear Di, You know how it’s really difficult for some women to orgasm? Well, I have the exact opposite problem—whenever I ride the bus, I climax. In the amount of time it takes me to get from my apartment on Lees Avenue to the Laurier Avenue bus station, I will have reached orgasm. If I’m …

  Mayor Jim Watson discusses the city’s 2012 budget THE CITY OF Ottawa’s draft budget, released on Oct. 26, will take on necessary infrastructure improvements, said Ottawa mayor Jim Watson. The project, titled Ottawa on the Move, provides over $340 million in funding, providing the city with better roads, sidewalks, and bike paths. The city will also see changes in OC Transpo …

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