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Thomson insisted I bring earplugs, but I forgot, of course, so he came prepared with an extra set. It’s a good thing he did, because Sparrows’ blisteringly loud and effects-laden brand of post-hardcore—influenced by bands like Small Brown Bike, Moving Mountains, and perhaps most noticeably, Moneen—ricochets off the walls of the dimly lit basement.

Student loans can be something like diseases, and it’s important that one understands the risk in contracting them, as they can take years to cure and are usually a debilitating, scar-filled experience.

All it takes is a single smile from a complete stranger and you’re hooked. You’re much more prepared to lose yourself in somebody during July, when each decision you make carries a little less weight and staring into someone’s eyes for hours while laying in the sun feels like the most natural activity in the world.

Choosing a school for post-secondary studies is a major decision that comes with its own unique challenges for each individual.

It seems that the general consensus among young adults is that May through August are the months for hook-ups, flings, and, sometimes, finding a mate. However, what is it that motivates us to associate the summer solstice with getting together and getting it on?

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