This past week members of Canada’s three major political parties gathered in the Faculty of Social Sciences building at the University of Ottawa to discuss how environmental sustainability can be reconciled with political interests and economic realities in Canada. The discussion was part of a series of iVote events at the U of O.

“When I told people to please follow lockdown procedures, I don’t know if it’s just because they didn’t take me seriously because I was technically a student, but none of them even seemed to know what exactly that meant,” he said.

In a week when national security and terrorism were already at the top of the national political agenda, Parliament Hill itself today was besieged by a gunman who shot and killed a soldier at the National War Memorial before bursting into the Centre Block, apparently bent on a rampage, before being shot and killed himself in a shootout with Hill security officials.

Many students in Canada were trying to make enough money to sustain themselves throughout an eight-month period of studies, but, for the most part, the jobs were not there.

Participation at an all-time high MEET SHANE MACKENZIE, leader of the Ideological Pragmatist Party and a prime minister who likes to dream big. As stated in his party’s platform, “This party looks at big moments in Canadian history and says, ‘Yeah we could do that,  but bigger.’” On Jan. 20–22, the Ideological Pragmatist and four other parties …

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