Missing a pet back at home? The University of Ottawa’s Student Academic Success Service and Health Services have teamed up with a solution in the form of “pet therapy.”

Occasionally an event occurs that can turn life upside down. Whether it’s an illness, divorce, or the death of a loved one, tragedies outside of our control happen, often when we least expect them.

Although these seem to be obvious qualities anyone would want from a partner, it isn’t always easy to identify whether or not they are lacking when you’re blinded by emotion. Sara Quinton* is a U of O student who was in an unhealthy relationship. She didn’t recognize the negative aspects of her relationship until her after partner broke up with her.

STUDENT ACADEMIC SUCCESS Service (SASS) recently employed man’s best friend to help reduce student stress on campus. Tundra, the fully certified therapy dog now working at SASS, belongs to associate professor Audrey Gilles of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. “Tundra was a dog that I rescued during my last year …

Only 10 days remain for video submissions for the My Student Experience contest, organized by the Student Academic Success Service’s Student Mentoring Program. Just record something that you’ve enjoyed that’s been a part of your university experience for a chance to win numerous prizes, including an iPad for the first-place winners. Submissions are judged on …

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