The University of Ottawa’s Board of Governors adopted the 2015-16 budget which included a three per cent average tuition hike for undergraduate and graduate students for the tenth consecutive year, at a meeting in May.

Regardless of how you may feel about student government, when the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) protests tuition fee increases, they are accurately representing the views of the majority of the student body. However, at the recent SFUO-led protest requesting a drop in tuition fees at the opening of the Advanced Research Complex (ARC), many students feel their interests were not well represented. Not because they wish for tuition to continue rising, but because they feel this particular protest was inappropriate and ineffective. And that it was.

“Well, we’re paid to make good policy, and I’m happy to say we’re finally earning our salaries,” said Flipflop. “We did the math and realized that the average debt for a student with public and private loans has increased 460 per cent over the past 15 years. We asked ourselves, who is going to pay for boomers’ health care in 15 years?”

Let’s focus on keeping tuition fees close to where they are now and supply all students with the resources they need to afford school, but let’s also put our efforts into perspective.

Even though we may bemoan the price of our education, surprisingly enough, tuition isn’t the only issue that students deal with. Shocking, I know.

Government of Ontario reallocates money to fund 30 per cent tuition rebate ELIGIBLE UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS were able to receive a 30 per cent tuition rebate from the Government of Ontario on Jan. 5. Funds for the $432-million project were reallocated from other areas of post-secondary education, such as a $42-million funding cut from research grants …

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