With more than 150 kilometres’ worth of trails throughout the Ottawa area, cross-country skiing is an excellent lost cost activity to pick up this winter season to keep your muscles working and heart pumping. There are several beginner and intermediate level trails in and around Ottawa, with the most popular trails in Mooney’s Bay.

Keep warm. Before heading out, a quick warm-up gets your blood flowing and makes for a less severe transition from inside to out. During your run, make sure you’re equipped with appropriate gear. Layering clothes will become necessary as temperatures drop.

Maybe it’s this reckless eagerness for warm weather that’s the reason why the dreaded March cold and flu season exists, but by the end of the month most Gee-Gees are asking: Is it over yet?

fter a few consecutive weeks of stuffing your body with a whole lot of cookies, ham, turkey and all the trimmings, it’s time to get back into the swing of another semester. The average student diet can often seem like a relief from our holiday extravagances. Often students come back to residence, apartments, and roommates …

The worst part of tobogganing when you were little was dragging your sled back up the hill. Now that you’re older, you can appreciate what walking uphill will do to your glutes. It’s a calorie burner too—one hour of tobogganing can work off 345 calories.

The Fashist AS THE SEMESTER slowly trudges along and the temperature continues to drop, it’s easy to get stuck in a vortex of study, essay, exam, repeat. With our minds set on the short-but-sweet winter vacation only a couple months away, it’s easy to let our wardrobe suffer and become as dull as the weather. …

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