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International community outraged over Norwegian treatment of mass murderer

Illustration by Tina Wallace

The international human rights community is demanding action from the Norwegian government after news surfaced that the government is hiding a terrible secret: Anders Behring Brevik, the mass murderer of 77 people in 2011, only has access to a Playstation 2 in jail.

Brevik, the sole individual brave enough to oppose the ruthless Norwegian regime, was given the maximum prison sentence allowed in Norway of 21 years for his double terrorist attacks in Oslo in 2011 that left 77 people dead, many of whom were young children at a summer camp.

Brevik, also a self-proclaimed human rights activist, first spoke out in November 2012 when he revealed the inadequate pens he was forced to use, the lack of skin moisturizer, cold coffee and butter-deficient bread he had to eat during his time in prison.

Brevik’s bravery prompted a strong condemnation from the United States of the Norwegian government. Susan Goode, a United States Senator and human rights activist, said in August 2013,  “It’s not like he did something truly awful like smoke marijuana or play music loudly in his car. The public will not stand for this kind of injustice.” Her words proved to be ominously accurate as candle lit vigils broke out across the globe.

The Norwegian government has made life even more unbearable for Brevik, undoubtedly for revealing their torturous methods, as he was denied access to an up-to-date video game experience for the past two years. Despite this, Brevik has again enlightened the public about the bleak reality of his prison sentence — this time going on a hunger strike in protest.

Brevik has made a list of demands including a more comfortable chair and a computer to replace the typewriter he was being subjected to. Brevik also wants a Playstation 3 to replace his Playstation 2, and more adult video games.

Dr. John Johansson, the psychiatrist who has worked extensively with Brevik, has supported his claim saying that “more adult games, especially ones featuring shooting, would greatly enhance the rehabilitation process.”

Norway is known to have a particularly ugly track record for human rights and their government has ignored many condemnations from various different bodies.

Norwegian prisons are renowned for the inhumane conditions of cells, which consist of personal bathrooms with ceramic tiles, mini fridges and flat-screen TVs. The UN Security Council is considering strong sanctions in light of Brevik’s revelations. Hundreds of thousands of people in Norway and across the globe are preparing to protest as a gesture of solidarity with Brevik. A protest is being organized in Ottawa as Canadians brace the frigid winter temperatures to protest outside the Norwegian Embassy.

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