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Administration claims lanyards create potential dangers and make first years too easily identifiable

The O of U administration released a statement to students banning the visible wearing of lanyards on school grounds. The email related the decision to a number of what they call, “rage incidents,” attributed to the “snagging of lanyards on knobs and handles.”

The school claimed the move was a matter of “student safety” following a number of angered outbursts at the lanyards finding themselves stuck. One student who’d reached the end of his lanyards rope spoke with the Fulcrum regarding the campus-wide ban.

“Once I ditched the lanyard, my life got better,” shared third-year student, Dean Fardder. “I know ‘Big Lanyard’ won’t be happy about me saying this, but they’ve inflicted nothing but suffering. It may not be the biggest issue in your day, but if things aren’t going great and you hit a literal snag, it’s enough to make you crumble.”

Other students took to social media to express confusion and disappointment with the ban.

“How will people know I’m a first year if I don’t have a lanyard advertising which building I live in???” wrote one student on their public Instagram story to their 2,309 followers.

“I need my lanyard hanging off my belt loop,” wrote another student. “It’s that or a septum piercing, and I’m a wimp.”

The university promised updates on the timing of the ban were to come. The Tomato will update this article as information becomes available.


  • Bridget Coady was the Fulcrum's news editor from spring to fall of 2021. Before that, she was the Fulcrum's staff photographer.