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Social media addicts, and they even use their legs!

For decades, Canadians have been suffering under the leadership of several unrelatable prime ministers. Harper, Martin, Chrétien all spring to mind as older, and completely unconnected with most Canadians. Justin Trudeau, however, clearly has something those leaders never had—relatability.

The Trudeaus are the most relateably, relatable family ever to grace this great nation. Whether it’s Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau sporting a reusable Metro bag or Justin’s original sock collection, this family clearly knows how to charm the public. After Sophie’s use of the everyday Metro bag broke the Internet, the Tomato has put together a list of the other ways that the Trudeau’s are just like other Canadians.


While previous prime ministers and politicians survived on a diet of nothing but liquified copies of laws. Sources close to the Trudeaus say that they sometimes eat food, just like students! “I even saw Justin cooking ramen once, which made me feel better about only eating instant noodles for a week in a row,” said third-year political science student and House of Commons aide, Angelo Fortin.

They use their legs to move

While many former prime ministers were carried by their staff from their homes to their limousines, Trudeau and his family have no problems being publicly seen using their legs to get around. Many photos have been circulating that clearly show Justin using both his legs to walk from place to place. Not only that, but Justin can answer questions while walking. He even spoke to a Tomato reporter about strengthening the middle class while climbing an escalator.

They’re addicted to social media

The Trudeaus are just so annoyingly relatable with their consistent Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat activity. Such a heavy social media presence makes them a very different family from former prime ministers who used scrolls and carrier pigeons to reach voters.

Justin seems to be just as addicted to social media as every other overwhelmed student. “I once saw him mindlessly trolling through Twitter instead of reading notes for a conference,” said Trudeau staffer Nerissa Bennett.