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Top five best used bookstores in Ottawa

1. Book Bazaar
Since 1974, this family-run bookstore has provided a unique mix of gently used books at fair prices.

2. All Books
Carrying both used and new books and textbooks, All Books is a staple of the downtown core.

3. Patrick MacGahern Books
Like a scene out of the first Harry Potter film, this store features rows of books stacked floor-to-ceiling and has mobile ladders to help customers get around.

4. Bytown Bookstore
In the heart of the Glebe, this used and rare book shop often features works by local authors.

5. Argosy Books
Located on Dalhousie Street in the ByWard Market, this small shop is home to used books in a wide variety of categories.

—Jessie Willms

The top five best never-ending games

1. Monopoly
The ultimate marathon pastime, most gamers are unable to complete a full session of this real estate board game.

2. Dungeons and Dragons
You’ll spend so much time figuring out how to play this game that you’ll barely even get to start.

3. Risk
War takes time. Enough said.

4. Humans vs. Zombies
This game is so ornate it takes a month to complete.

5. Crazy Eight Countdown
There are just too many cards in a deck to finish this game.

—Jaclyn Lytle


Top five best local indie bands

1. Sound of Lions combines indie rock sensibilities, hip-hop beats, and sultry female vocals. Their distinct sound sets them apart.

2. Despite its reputation as a stiff government town, Ottawa is home to a solid punk scene. Since 2007, the White Wires has steadily built a following for their energetic brand of punk rock.

3. The folk-rock band Kalle Mattson brings a Wilco-meets-Weakerthans vibe to the capital. With their stop-motion video for “Thick as Thieves” sitting at 22,000 views on YouTube, they’re a band to watch.

4. Recently nominated for a Juno for his beautiful record, Floods & Fires, Craig Cardiff’s live shows are an intimate mix of campfire songs and personal, moving ballads.

5. It’s a tie between Silkken Laumann and Fevers. Silkken Laumann recently shot a new video in various corners of the city and Fevers announced plans for a full-length album. These bands have what it takes to start flash dance parties across the capital.

—Jessie Willms

Top five most embarrassing tattoos

1. Company logos
Your pals at the gym might like your Nike swoosh tattoo, but turning your body into free advertising is just bad business.

2. So-called “Chinese” characters
If you felt the need to consult with an Asian friend beforehand, chances are you shouldn’t be tattooing these on your body.

3. Tribal armbands
Unless you’re a contestant on Survivor, you probably won’t be needing an armband.

4. “No regrets.”
No regrets, really? Because I can think of something permanent on your body you might wish you could take back one day.

5. “Only God can juge me.”
Contrary to your belief, we’re all judging you. Grab a dictionary before heading to the tattoo parlour.

   —Kristyn Filip

The top five most terrifying Disney villains

1. Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent
Before turning into a fire-breathing dragon, this horned sorceress calls upon all the powers of hell to help her defeat Prince Phillip in battle.

2. 101 Dalmations’ Cruella De Vil
Just like the song says, if this blood-thirsty puppy murderer doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.

3. Mulan’s Shan-Yu
Shan-Yu has yellow eyes, razor-sharp fingernails, and the ability to survive being blanketed by an avalanche of snow.

4. The Lion King’s Scar
This power-hungry lion all-too-happily murders his brother Mufasa to gain control of the animal kingdom.

5. The Little Mermaid’s Ursula
The horrifying image of this giant sea-witch rising out of the water is burned into the memories of children the world over.

 —Kristyn Filip