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I’ve never been one for picking favourites. It’s a bit ironic then, perhaps, that I would go ahead and write for a column that revolves around that — and about classes, no less! 

The upshot of being a meandering undergraduate though is that you have the freedom to take a plethora of different elective courses. In the first semester of my first year I took an elective which seemed like it would align directly with my interests — Italian Cinema.

House in Ottawa

Many students can relate to the trials and tribulations of moving day and the common grievances of renting: the hunt for cardboard boxes, running to the store for more bubble wrap, squishing the contents of your closet into suitcases and losing your favourite hoodie in the chaos.


Nursing students, in a program and field in which on-site learning and application are necessary, are suffering from the lack of needed in-person training and placements due to the fluctuating public health mandates. The lack of consistency and the harsh exposure to the COVID-19 health crisis has caused a decrease in students’ faith and optimism in nursing and their futures within the field.

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