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Frank Zappa

The Fulcrum chatted with Zappa following a show at the Ottawa Civic Centre in late 1975 Content Warning: Some language may be seen as offensive. This interview was recorded on Dec. 6, 1975. The transcript was published in the Fulcrum’s Jan. 15, 1976 issue.  In December of 1975, the Fulcrum’s Dick Landau interviewed Frank Zappa …

Live from the archives

HAS IT EVER amazed you how quickly children seem to recover from injuries? Tumbles and falls are just part of everyday play. But it’s not what it’s like for adults — or grandparents for that matter. Falling or breaking a bone can be a dangerous event, because injuries are not easily healed.

Why is that?

Di Daniels, the Fulcrum’s longest standing employee, has written a number of Dear Di’s over the years. Here is a compilation honouring her best efforts.

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