About Us

Student reading an issue of the Fulcrum newspaper

Established in February 1942, the Fulcrum is the independent English-language student newspaper at the University of Ottawa. A member of Canadian University Press (CUP), the Fulcrum has been owned and operated by the Fulcrum Publishing Society (FPS), a not-for-profit corporation registered in Ontario, since June 1 2005.

The FPS is governed by a ten-member board of directors who meet monthly to discuss financial, HR, and strategic planning matters for the FPS.

All students at the U of O contribute to the Fulcrum through a student levy and thus are members of the corporation and eligible to attend the monthly board meetings. Students are also eligible to become “voting members” of the FPS and have a vote at the yearly annual general meeting by registering and confirming their enrollment with the Society. This can be done only during specified periods during the year. Interested students should contact the FPS president at president@thefulcrum.ca for details.

If you have any complaints against the editorial content of the Fulcrum that the Editor-in-Chief did not resolve to your satisfaction, you can email our ombudsperson at ombudsperson@thefulcrum.ca. The ombudsperson is an impartial party not employed by the corporation who will take your concerns seriously and who has the power to pursue a resolution on your behalf.

Our Mission

By holding those in positions of power accountable, the Fulcrum promotes the wellbeing of the University of Ottawa community through accessible and independent information from on and off-campus. 

Our Vision

A University of Ottawa where every community member has the Fulcrum in the palm of their hand.