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Luna the snowy owl

In Canada there are 16 owl species out of 200 worldwide, some key characteristics are their large heads, round eyes fixed at the front, acute hearing ability, and specialized feathers.

Jordan Mallon

Mallon discusses what to expect at a dig, dino myths and why dinos were so big Jordan Mallon is a research scientist at the Canadian Museum of Nature here in Ottawa. He mainly studies horned dinosaur evolution and dinosaur paleoecology which is the study of past ecology. This week Mallon interviewed with the Fulcrum to …

excavation site

Anoxia no longer suspected to be main cause of extinction According to many scientists, our species is currently entering the sixth mass extinction — the one that we alone have caused. University of Ottawa professor André Desrochers re-examined the cause of the first major mass extinction (late Ordovician mass extinction) to hopefully gain insight into …

urban sprawl

A crash course on urban planning The birth of Ontario suburbs began post World War Two; as many soldiers returned, the demand for housing increased exponentially. At the turn of the century, about two-thirds of Canadians lived in rural areas. However, by 1971, two out of every three people lived in towns or cities. Toronto …

Keiko Hattori

“I had a project where I was working in northern Canada. Those areas had beautiful northern lights, where the green and red colours filled the entire sky,” said the U of O researcher in an interview.

“I think most engineering students who graduate from school realize that it doesn’t give you any sort of practical experience. It doesn’t set you up well for any design experience at all, which is why internships and clubs like this exist.”

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