Board of Directors

2018-19 Board of Directors

Voting Members Ex-officio Members
Staff Rep: Raghad Sheikh-Khalil (President) General Manager: Dorian Ghosn
Staff Rep: Katelyn Murray (Secretary) Advertising Manager: Kaylum Bobal
University Rep: Jonathan Rausseo (Treasurer) Editor-in-Chief: Anchal Sharma
 Student Rep: Justin Turcotte (Vice President) SFUO Rep: Vacant
Fulcrum Alumnus: Graham Robertson GSAÉD Rep: Vacant
Community Rep :  Dayne Moyer
Student Rep:  Donya Ashnaei
Student Rep: Rachel Hammond
Student Rep: Vacant
Continuity Rep: Vacant


To inquire about a vacant seat, please e-mail for details.


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

All board meetings take place on the last Sunday of the month at 10:30 AM unless otherwise posted. All staff and students of the University of Ottawa are welcome to attend. To inquire about the location of the board meeting please email

Annual General Meeting Motions

Access the proposed motions for the 2018 AGM.