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The University of Ottawa and the union representing its support staff (PSUO-SSUO) have reached a tentative agreement. The details of the new agreement are unknown but the PSUO-SSUO’s 1,300 members will be heading back to work on Friday morning.


“I do not blame [the support staff] for any of this,” says Jillian Prins, a third-year U of O chemical engineering and biochemistry student. “They literally are the ones taking risks by being on campus to provide us with a complete education,” says Clara Perrier, a second-year biochemistry major at the U of O.

Jacques Frémont

The University of Ottawa’s president and vice-chancellor Jacques Frémont responded early this morning to the recent incident of a professor uttering the ‘N-word’ in an online lecture. The professor had been suspended since early October, and a group of professors had written a letter denouncing her treatment at the hands of the U of O administration.

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