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Dear Editor, New Canadian sanctions against ongoing settler attacks in Palestine are reasonable but unlikely to have the desired impact. Equally important is the need for Canada to stand up against all violence against civilians, especially violence against children, to reinforce the maintenance of humanitarian access corridors, and to protect the unique needs of children …

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The globe celebrated a tremendous milestone in 2022: child mortality rates reached an all-timelow, with a 50% reduction in fatalities among children under the age of five since 2000. Thisaccomplishment demonstrates the value of investing in health and education. Despite theseachievements, 4.9 million children die each year from avoidable causes, highlighting thecontinuous need for action. …

Wheelchair wheels slump over staircase

After studying for five years at the University of Ottawa as a disabled student, I think it fair to say that it isn’t the pillar of accessibility. Yes, most buildings on campus have at least one wheelchair-friendly entrance, and the U of O’s Student Academic Success Service promises to meet student accomodations…but is it enough?

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I’m writing to address two recent stories in The Fulcrum where fires in properties that are owned or managed by Smart Living Properties have been referenced. I appreciate the opportunity to shed light on the events surrounding these unfortunate incidents.

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Bill C-63 adds fuel to the fire of already heated debates on Parliament Hill. On Feb. 26 2024, the long-awaited Bill C-63 (or the Online Harms Act) was tabled by the Liberal government, nearly three years after the party’s initial promise for further online safety legislation during their 2021 election campaign.

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