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Editorial Staff


Charley Dutil

A grizzled veteran of student media, Charley has worked for both University of Ottawa student papers and has covered everything from hockey to Board of Governor meetings. Charley was previously the sports editor of the Fulcrum in 2019-20. He was also an intern at #ONFR where he helped cover provincial and federal politics.

Managing Editor

Aisling (Aly) Murphy

Aly Murphy is a journalist, academic, and theatre artist currently based in Toronto. A 2021 graduate of the University of Ottawa Department of Theatre, Aly is currently pursuing her MA in Theatre at the University of Toronto. Aly is also a Senior Editor at Intermission Magazine, and is the Fulcrum’s resident Swiftie and theatre nerd.

Social Media Manager

Jelena Maric

Jelena Maric is a fourth-year journalism and political science student at Carleton University. She was previously the national editor the Charlatan, Carleton’s student newspaper. When she’s not stressed about deadlines or chasing after a source, she enjoys binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Multimedia Director

Hailey Otten

Hailey is a fourth-year English and classics student at the University of Ottawa. Aside from graphic design and illustration, she previously worked as a contract author for AJoara Books. With an interest bordering on obsession with literature, Hailey can often be found in bookstores or hunkered down on her kindle. She is new to the Fulcrum for the 2021 year.

News Editor

Zoë Mason

News Editor

Bridget Coady

Features Editor

Amira Benjamin

Amira is a 3rd-year student in Anthropology and Sociology. She’s been involved with the Fulcrum since 2019-20 and is eager to return as features editor. Aside from writing, Amira is the team’s self-declared astrology expert with interests in most things pop culture and social justice

Sports Editor

Jasmine McKnight

Spending another year as sports editor as well as captaining the U of O’s women’s ultimate frisbee team, Jasmine is pretty knowledgeable of Gee-Gees sports and looks forward to sharing stories throughout the year. Aside from throwing the disc or covering athletic events, Jasmine can be found playing video games with her friends on stream.

Science & Tech Editor

Emma Williams

Emma is a passionate second-year environmental science student at the University of Ottawa. She is eager to learn and share new science and tech topics with U of O students. When she isn’t studying, she can be found outdoors hiking, or biking with friends. Emma also loves animals and hopes to one day work with them.

Opinions Editor

Sanjida Rashid

Sanjida Rashid is a second-year student in the Political Science and Juris Doctor (J.D.) program and a first-year at the Fulcrum. Though her mind moves a mile a minute, Sanjida’s typing can keep up. When she’s not writing her latest hot take, you can find her taking long walks, trying to be campus best dressed, and pretending she’s on Master Chef from the comfort of her apartment.

Arts & Culture Editor

Zofka Svec

Staff Writer

Shailee Shah

Shailee Shah is a third-year Political Science student and aspiring storyteller at the University of Ottawa. When she’s not studying or trying to meet deadlines, Shailee enjoys skateboarding around Ottawa and reading novels. This is Shailee’s first year on the Fulcrum’s team.

Staff Writer

Desiree Nikfardjam

Desiree is a 3rd-year Conflict Studies and Human Rights student. She hopes to pursue a career in Journalism. This is Desiree’s first year at the Fulcrum and she is very excited! In her free time, she writes for an online collective, Rani Creative, and enjoys manifesting a career similar to Anderson Cooper’s.

Staff Writer

Salma El Hajj


Christopher Rohde

Christopher Rohde is a filmmaker, musician and curator from Ottawa. His videos have screened at festivals internationally and won awards for Best Film by an Emerging Filmmaker and Best Director (Experimental). In 2014, he founded Mirror Mountain Film Festival, a platform for celebrating unique creative voices.

Podcast Producer

Damian Piper

Damian Piper was born in Windsor, Ontario and raised on Detroit radio. After years frequenting the coffeeshops of the Pacific Northwest, Damian is what happens when east coast rhythm meets west coast soul. The once stonemason-turned-broadcaster is also a writer & illustrator, and a lifelong lover and purveyor of fine cinema, independent theatre and public radio.

Business Staff

Executive Director
Ludvica Boota

Non-Business Staff


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