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2,482 undergraduate students voted in the elections; a turnout rate of 6.74 per cent. This is notably a point lower than the turnout for the most recent by-election which had 2,999 ballots cast for a 7.7 per cent turn out — the highest by-election turnout in UOSU’s brief history.

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The University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) Board of Directors (BOD) met on Saturday, Oct. 21 to prepare for its upcoming Autumn General Assembly (AGA). The meeting began online at noon and met in the University’s Senate room in Tabaret Hall at 1 p.m.

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On Oct. 13th, former UOSU director Hannah Weidrick reached out to the Fulcrum to share concerns over how Traviss went about withdrawing from UOSU’s byelection. “Quanah withdrew from the election, but not before[…] giving Thorp an ultimatum, it was: he will withdraw from the election as long as the results aren’t shared publicly, and Thorp is only allowed to tell one person. It’s undemocratic and it’s wrong and he’s not supposed to do that.”

In the “highest turnout ever recorded for a by-election in UOSU’s history”, four seats on the executive committee have been filled, including Delphine Robitaille as union president and Daniel Thorp as communications commissioner.

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On Oct. 4, the Fulcrum received an anonymous article submission raising concerns with many elements of the Union’s operations, the most pressing of which being the ongoing by-elections.

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“[F]or anyone that is reading this: Please run if you’re able to. If you’re interested in the position, go for it. It would be nice to see new faces be interested in student politics, […] it will be nice to see more people participate compared to the last election.

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The University of Ottawa (UOSU) held its Board of Directors meeting on July 23, the fourth of the term. The seven-hour meeting included a student statement, the establishment of a communications commissioner, and a debate on the controversial freedom of expression motion.

“I was unfortunately uncontested as was the operations commissioner and we only had two candidates for another role. And I think that is tragic, truly. I want to see more student engagement. I want to see those numbers go up in the voting, but also people will only show up to vote if there are candidates.”

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The University of Ottawa Student’s Union (UOSU) held its Board of Directors meeting on May 28, the second of the term. The six-hour meeting included appointing the recently hired interim executive committee commissioners, debates on a controversial motion regarding the Black History Month gala, and making a statement in support of the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign.

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