How to volunteer for the Fulcrum:

  • To join the Fulcrum’s contributor team, please fill out this form. To join the Fulcrum’s freelance team, please fill out this form.
  • Afterwards, you’ll be contacted by either the Managing Editor or the Editor(s)-in-Chief, and asked to attend an onboarding session.
  • Every week, pitches will be put up for grabs during out Contributor’s meetings on Mondays at 6 p.m., located at the Fulcrum office. You’re also welcome to come to the meeting prepared with your own article ideas to pitch to section editors.
  • Articles that are not picked up at the meeting will then be sent out via email and made available to volunteers who were not able to attend that week’s meeting.
  • To contact the Editor(s)-in-Chief, email editor@thefulcrum.ca

What is a freelancer, and how do I become one?

  • A freelancer is a volunteer who is eligible to be paid for their future contributions to the Fulcrum.
  • You can apply for freelance status after having contributed three times (writing, photography, or illustration)
  • If you meet the criteria, you’ll be invited to meet with the managing editor
  • You’ll get:
    • Eligibility to vote on certain policy amendments and in editor-in-chief elections
    • Eligibility to attend NASH
    • Eligibility to apply for a staff position next year
    • The Fulcrum credits you as a “Staff Contributor”
    • Eligibility to become a paid freelancer for The Fulcrum!

Opportunities beyond the University of Ottawa

  • Canadian University Press (CUP)—a nationwide student press network
    • Have your articles picked up by student press across the country
    • CWA membership
    • NASH, an annual student journalism conference
    • For more information email: editor@thefulcrum.ca
  • NASH —an annual student journalism conference
    • Opportunities to be involved in planning and running the event
    • Networking opportunities at the conference
    • Training and workshops
    • Work critiques (writing and design)
    • To get involved email: manager@thefulcrum.ca
  • CWA membership—Canada’s only all-media union