Students and their dashion
Here's a look at whats popping in student fashion. Photo: Zofka Svec/Fulcrum
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The Return-to-Campus Edition

In early September I had a romp around campus with a digital camera, scanning the crowds of froshers (sorry UOSU, 101ers) to identify the best-dressed among them. Some of them were kind enough to let me take their pictures.

There were a few common themes to the outfits I saw: lots of neutrals, modern silhouettes (small shirts, baggy pants), and a distinct sense of schoolgirl-prep revival. There were more white tennis skirts than I could count. A lot of girls looked like they just walked off the set of a Lana Del Rey video or were Gossip Girl extras. I love it! After over a year of sweatpants, messy buns and economic austerity, I am totally here for opulence and glam. I’m calling it now: the aesthetics for the coming season will be classic and versatile – lots of blacks and nudes, tweed skirts and blazers, patent leather shoes. I look forward to it, and I hope the froshers can maintain their fashionable wherewithal —at least until late winter when our down puffers swallow us all up.


Photo: Zofka Svec/Fulcrum

Spotted walking briskly near Father & Sons, Maria’s two-toned outfit made me run over and rudely make her late to whatever she was rushing to. I loved the matching black accessories and the ensemble’s overall sense of togetherness. She said it was her dream to be stopped in the street and photographed. I’m glad I could help.

Julieta, Juliana, and Maddy

Photo: Zofka Svec/Fulcrum

Julieta, Juliana, and Maddy originally caught my eye because they matched so well! Julieta and Maddy were giving me Princess Diana vibes with their sweatshirts and black bike shorts. I loved Juliana’s biz-cazh, as well. What a nice shade of baby blue!


Photo: Zofka Svec/Fulcrum

You really can’t go wrong with a simple white tee and jeans with a flannel tossed on top to weather the burgeoning autumn chill. Extra points for the squeaky clean Air Force 1s. A clean, casual look.


Photo: Zofka Svec/Fulcrum

I already know Zainab, so this may be a bit unfair, but I assure you that’s not why I took a picture of her. What a sick outfit! The matching rose-beige tee, flannel, and hijab is such a good example of a neutral tone dressing up a casual outfit. Acid-washed jeans and checkered vans is a classic skater boi move, and she pulls it off here effortlessly.


Photo: Zofka Svec/Fulcrum

Serving streetwear in university square, Justin has a clean and simple fit. The vintage Nike sweatshirt is such a compelling shade of forest green, and the uber-dark washed jeans complement it well. It’s difficult to match blue and green, so kudos to him. Pulling it all together are spotless white runners (you may be detecting a theme here…).


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