The heat is back—students tell the Fulcrum how to balance cool looks with hot temperatures. Photo: Iain Sellers.
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For some, deciding on an outfit can be tougher than it seems. Students have to factor in the temperature, comfortableness of their clothes, how it will look—and, their personal style. So, the Fulcrum took to the streets to ask students how they’re balancing these concerns with a renewed heatwave blasting through Ottawa.

Photo: Amy Yee.

Rose Silivestru: first-year chemical engineering student

Smrithi Dhanasekar: first-year biology student

The Fulcrum: What are you guys wearing?

RS: WalMart, and Bench.

SD: I’m wearing H&M, and Garage, and Nike.

F: What motivates you guys to dress up for class?

RS: I dress up when I’m not going to class. When I’m going to class, I wear (clothes for) comfort.

SD: To be honest, I just like dressing up—it makes me feel good. I’m not dressing to impress, I (just) love it.

F: How are you changing up your wardrobe for the fall?

RS: Layers.

SD: Turtlenecks, ripped jeans, stockings, (and) cute scarves.

Photo: Iain Sellers.

Elliott Fodale: first-year international management student

F: What are you wearing?

EF: I’m wearing cuffed jeans from H&M, and an H&M loose dress shirt.

F: What do you like about your style?

EF: It’s good for summer because the dress (shirt) is so light. It’s very nice to wear (on) hot days, and jeans (are a) jack-of-all-trades (kind of style)—you can do whatever with it.

F: Why do you dress up for class?

EF: It makes the day somewhat special. I wouldn’t wear the same thing everyday, so I want to spice things up … I don’t really like coming to class with sweatpants … That’s why I take five minutes before the day starts to find out what I’m going to wear.

F: Do you have any style advice for other people on campus?

EF: Don’t (just) wear U of O merchandise all day, every day, every week—don’t do that. It’s cheesy.

Photo: Amy Yee.

Sebastien Packer: fourth-year international development and globalization student

F: What are you wearing today?

SP: A long sleeve dress shirt which is probably too warm (for the weather. So,) I’ve folded (the sleeves) up.

F: Will you swap up your wardrobe for fall?

SP: (I might wear) something warmer, but otherwise, half the time I dress athletically—so, a sport shirt and shorts.

Photo: Amy Yee.

Stephanie Delisle: first-year human kinetics student

F: What you wearing?

SD: I’m wearing a top (that) I actually got from Spain, with pants from H&M.

F: Now that the heat is back, how will you switch up your wardrobe?

SD: I’ll keep it pretty much the same. Honestly, I like dressing up a little bit, so I’m still going to be wearing long pants—don’t worry.

F: Do you have any fashion advice for other students on campus?

SD: You can dress however you want—you do you! If you want to wear pyjamas to school, that’s up to you!


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