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Participation in the club is open to anyone who is interested. Image: FIKA Club/Courtesy
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A club for socializing

Are you a student looking for opportunities to get involved? Are you interested in getting out and attending events? Would you like to meet new people and create lasting friendships? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then FIKA might be the club for you.

What is FIKA?

FIKA is a club created by Aafreen Khan, a first-year biomedical student at the University of Ottawa. The club was started as a mental health initiative for students in light of the ongoing pandemic. FIKA’s name originates from a Swedish term that means “to pause from activity,” where individuals drink coffee, have snacks, and relax with others. 

“It’s exactly what I want the club to represent,” said Khan. 

The club’s objectives are to create a calm and welcoming environment where students can take a break from the fast-paced university lifestyle and enjoy an evening with friends. 

“Once a month, the FIKA club holds an evening event dedicated to students at the University of Ottawa, to relax and release stress with old and new friends while playing games, drinking non-alcoholic beverages, and eating light snacks in a comfortable ambiance,” explained Khan. 

The first event was held in October  2021, and there have been two more events since then. The club has grown to 12 executives and 25 general members, reflecting ultimately on the club’s success and alignment to its mission. 

“The first event was a huge success,” said Maya Wong-Fortin, a first-year communications student.

FIKA’s outdoor event was held at the University Centre (UCU) Terrace with a turnout of 30 students. The event included games and two live performances, and was a great opportunity for students to connect and socialize with other students.

Why should you get involved?

One reason you might consider joining is that the club is an ideal mental health initiative for students who want to prioritize socialization as we approach the end of the pandemic. For many first-year students, COVID-19 has put a strain on the social and interactive part of university.

“The club has allowed me to make new and lasting friendships… The most memorable event was karaoke night, where I was able to perform and have a fun night with friends,” said Hannah Vigneux, a first-year English student.

“The club is very simple and relaxed. It’s for students who want to have a fun time and meet amazing people with similar interests and values,” explained Khan. 

How to get involved? 

Participation in the club is open to anyone who is interested. Interest application forms are sent out at the beginning of the month through the club’s Instagram (@fikauottawa), which is followed by an RSVP form a week prior to the event. Students are required to complete both forms prior to attending an event. 

For more information, check out @fikauottawa on Instagram.