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CLS bringing variety of vendors to campus for inaugural food fest

On top of all of the other work and activities students have going on, exploring Ottawa’s culinary scene is probably one of the last things to do on their list. Luckily, the University of Ottawa’s Community Life Service (CLS) is bringing some of the biggest names in the Ottawa food industry to campus for two days of food from all around the city.

The event, dubbed the Festival of Flavours, is a new creation of CLS, and will include approximately 15 different vendors from around the city, from Smoque Shack to Petit Peru.

Isabelle Décarie, the manager of Socialcultural and Educational Programming at CLS, wanted “something new” to offer students, and this event is sure to garner the attention of low-budget, hungry students.

The festival will be held on Feb. 3-4 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the lobby of Desmarais, and will offer a selection of diverse cuisine, from Italian to African. The vendors that have been announced thus far include Fettucinies, Smoque Shack, Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise, Petit Peru, and Taste of Africa.

“When you want variety, you have to think of international flavours,” says Décarie. “That being said, there will be a variety of vendors internationally.”

Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise, a vegetarian restaurant located on Laurier Avenue, across the street from the U of O campus, features a variety of vegetarian dishes, many of them with an Indian flare. Smoque Shack, for the meat eaters among us, pays homage to its BBQ roots by offering Montreal-smoked meat and Jamaican jerk-inspired dishes.

The variety of vendors participating in the festival all bring something different to the table, allowing students to explore the vast and unique food scene in Ottawa without having to leave campus.

Vendors will also be sampling their popular dishes, and serving smaller plates because “we want the price to be low for students,” says Décarie.

Décarie says that she wanted the vendors to keep in mind that they are “catering to low-budget university students,” and ensures that the prices will be affordable for even the most budget-conscious among us.

The main goal of CLS is “participation and satisfaction,” says Décarie, and they are aiming for students to “take advantage of all these vendors,” that will be located under one roof for two days, making them accessible for all.

The festival benefits not only students, but also the vendors involved. With students being able to try food from all over the city, it will hopefully encourage them to step outside of the bubble of the U of O campus and explore all that Canada’s Capital has to offer.


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