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The Fulcrum shows you how to hide those stress-induced pimples and tired eyes

Photo by Christelle Musambi 

As the leaves change colour, sadly some of us lose our bronzed summer glow. Fortunately, fall is the perfect time to play with richer jewel-toned hues to match our plaid shirts, and green field jackets from Aritzia that everyone and their cousin seems to own. We get to take a long break from the neon trend that flashed all summer long to show off a sultrier, more sophisticated side. Going into Reading Week, the Fulcrum has you covered for quick and easy tips on how to look fresh, vibrant. and ready to take on midterms.

Lash out: If you have not had a great sleep from cramming the night before, you can still emphasize your sleepy eyes with some rejuvenating mascara. Lashes are in this season, and the bigger, the better. The trick is to create fluffy, feathery eyes and not the spider lashes that have come in and out of style. Make sure to add several generous coats of mascara for instant volume.

Winged to the max: The winged liner beauty trend never left, but this year the lines are slightly exaggerated. With so many options to choose from to create the cat-eye, my go-to are gel or liquid liners. The key is to keep the rest of your face bare and just add a dash of nude colour to your lips. This look is also beneficial to us at this time of year, since it brings our eyelids upwards, making us seem revitalized.

Bare necessities: The morning after an all-night study session can leave us with stress-induced pesky pimples we may want to hide. We can cover up our small spots and still allow our natural radiance to peek through. Look for a foundation that has the right amount of coverage for your skin: less is more. For those stubborn areas, a concealer is good- just make sure to blend, blend, blend.

Berry lips: If you want to disguise your tired blood-shot eyes from your all-nighter essay, work those lips! Bold lips are the perfect pairing to this year’s flawless canvas trend. Berry lipsticks have a reputation for working on every skin tone. If lipstick is not your thing, try a matte balm and want you something more effortless.

Pop of colour: The best way to add a kick of colour is to focus on one feature and keep the rest of the face to a minimum. On the runways, the eyes were the centre of attention. Adding a pop of colour to the eyes, such as navy blue or a deep purple is the way to go. To keep the eyes as the focus, a sleek centre part is the hairstyle to pair with this look. This is a great look for when you are pressed for time because you’d rather catch up on some Z’s than spend extra time on your face in the morning.


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