Winter skincare is all about moisturizing. Photo: Perushka Gopalkista.
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Winter is upon us, and as the temperature continues to hurt, it’s often our skin bearing the brunt of the damage. Our skin gets dry (and sad) during this time of year, so why not give it a little TLC whenever you can?

Understanding your canvas

Now, before you go out to the mall and stare at the wide range of (mostly expensive) products, it’s always good to know what kind of skin you’re dealing with first. In the winter, it can be slightly challenging but being aware of your skin type is a must.

Before applying any type of moisturizer or makeup, it’s always good to cleanse the skin in order to get rid of any dead skin cells. Invest in either a chemical cleanser—one that you can find in any drug store—or a sugary-based physical scrub.

If your money is spent more on books and food, try making your own scrub with three simple ingredients: lemon, sugar and olive oil. By using this scrub two to three times a week your skin will brighten over time.

Daytime glow up

For skincare during the day, it’s important to find moisturizers that act as a long-lasting base for any makeup products throughout the day. Again, if you have an oily complexion—even during the winter—invest in a product that’s “oil free” or that helps reduce oil. The Body Shop’s Seaweed collection is one of the many products you could try.

One of my favorites for all-day moisture is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion. The great thing about this is that it helps keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Even before applying foundation, is serves as a great, creamy moisturizer.

For something price-friendly, scan a drug store, as almost any moisturizer works. Drug stores can be intimidating, with endless displays of products to choose from, but it’s best to go with products that will help your skin in the long-term as well.

For me personally, St. Ives works well just because it’s simple and light and combats any skin issues that I may be dealing with in the winter. What I also love about this particular brand is that it has a wide range of products from masks to scrubs.

Sundown skincare

For nighttime skin routine, it’s beneficial to splurge a little on treating the skin.

Look for moisturizers that have ingredients that will make the skin glow. One of the best ingredients is tea tree oil. However, tea tree does cause slight dryness, so it’s always best to add a moisturizer before applying anything with tea tree ingredients. If you’re really worried about how tea tree can dry out your skin, olive oil can work just as well.

It’s worth repeating—before opening your wallet, figure out what type of skin you’re dealing with! That way it will be easier to invest in products pertaining to your skin type. Or if you’re like me, just head to a cosmetics store and ask for advice—but more importantly, samples.

Remember, you can get through this season, as long as you have the right skincare routine.


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