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Spoil yourself with chocolate delights on a night out in the ByWard Market

Photo by Chantal Jiang

Hooray, we’ve hit the jackpot.

Cacao 70, a café franchise from Montreal, made its debut in the ByWard Market this summer. Patrons can indulge in glorious chocolate fondue, waffles, crepes, and sandwiches for lunch or brunch.

The café is well-suited to Ottawa’s reputation for a frigid and everlasting winter. Cacao 70 offers guests a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with warm lighting.

I ordered the double-sized Flaming Turtle chocolate fondue and shared the plate with three people. It was served as a mug of hot chocolate dip with waffle bites, classic brownies, and delicious fresh fruit.

Cacao 70 stands out from other crepe and waffle cafés since the shop offers a number of chocolate choices to have drizzled on fresh fruit: 76 per cent powerful dark chocolate; a 64.5 per cent Costa Rica; and finally, a smoother 31 per cent French cream.

Most surprisingly, they offer Chocolate Pizza, which features a warm pizza crust drizzled with chocolate, topped with strawberries and bananas. Beer lovers will also appreciate their chocolate beer. Cacao 70 is a bit pricey for students, but it makes for a memorable Friday night and a wonderful treat for when the semester leaves you wilted.


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