Overwatch came out in May, but it’s still extremely popular. Photo: CC, Blizzard Entertainment.
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We’re one month into university, and the monotony of it all already has many students staring blankly at their textbooks. If you need a break from this dull and demanding routine, then check out some awesome video games on the market right now.

New video games are being released all the time, but it’s hard to find one with good gameplay and an interesting art style that won’t detract too much from your studies.

If you want a fast-paced game that’s chalked full of imaginative character design and lore, then Overwatch is the game for you.

Blizzard Entertainment’s latest triple A title came out in May of this year, but it’s still extremely popular today, with no shortage of online players in sight.

One of the best parts about it is the short gameplay times. As a fast-paced, first-person multiplayer shooter with individual matches that last around 5–10 minutes, it’s the perfect solution for students who are looking for a short game for a study break or to play in between classes.

Part of the game’s enduring popularity is the result of its diverse characters and how the developers incorporate that personality into gameplay. Character designs are bright and aesthetically pleasing and players can pick from 22 different men, women, and robots, each with their own advantages and backstories.

Like other first-person multiplayer shooters, heroes are divided into different classes. There are offence, defence, tank, and support heroes to build different teams for any game. Moreover, different heroes have different abilities that may be advantageous or not depending on the opposing team’s lineup.

Unlike many multiplayer first-person shooters, Overwatch places a heavy emphasis on cooperative gameplay using this cast of various heroes, each with their own roles within a team.

While there are a lot of choices to be made in this game, one of its strongest drawbacks is the lack of customization.

Sure, there’s a fun and diverse cast for everyone to find a preferred hero, but currently there is no way for players to customize skins or weapons.

In addition, while most multiplayer first-person shooters have a wide variety of playing styles and sets with map customization for an amusing play through,  Overwatch is still lacking in this department with only 12 maps.

All in all, Overwatch still is a fairly new game with updates and changes on the way from Blizzard Entertainment. It is one of the most entertaining and visually pleasing games on the market, and that manages to be fun for both newbies and veteran gamers alike.

While you can’t borrow Overwatch from Morisset’s Media Centre as of yet, the game is circulating around Ottawa’s public library system. So, for students who want to try the game and don’t want to invest in it just yet, they can borrow it from most public branches for seven days for free.