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New store offers trendy pieces, basics for students

Photos by Inta Klotins

Hundreds of shoppers lined up for the new Hennes & Mauritz AB opening—a store more commonly known as H&M—at Bayshore Shopping Centre on Oct. 17.

The store features a minimalist design, allowing the clothing and accessories to speak for themselves. It carries collections and accessories for men, women, teens, and kids and receives new items every day.

University of Ottawa student Derry Hendarna attended an H&M launch party on Oct. 15. He said he’s pleased to have an H&M here instead of having to travel to Montreal to shop.

“We are thrilled to finally open H&M in Ottawa and continue our expansion in the Canadian market,” said Toni Galli, country sales manager of H&M Canada.

For students visiting the retailer for the first time, Emily Scarlett, the director of communications for H&M Canada said that the store is “all about fashion and quality at the best price.”

“You can expect to see a large variety of garments so that you can dress your personality no matter what it is,” she said.

Even if students are not interested in trendy fashions, H&M is a great way to build a basic and affordable student wardrobe.

“We understand fashion is a very diverse concept so we aim to offer something for everyone,” said Scarlett.

Given the diverse student population at the University of Ottawa, H&M can be an answer for mature students who also are on the hunt for leisurewear.

“We pride ourselves in the diversity of our offering and with our core demographic being ladies 18–39, we feel that we have a lot to offer the student population for their fashion needs,” Scarlett said.Arts_H&M_IntaKlotinsWEB

H&M also carries pieces ideal for recent graduates who are looking to build their first career wardrobe. Scarlett said the Modern Classic department is focused on career dressing.

“This is a great department to purchase work wear staples like the classic black pant or blazer,” Scarlett said. “You can then look to our Everyday department for trendy blouses and accessories to keep a workwear look edgy and fashionable, but still work-appropriate.”

The main theme for women this fall is modern drama with a tomboy spirit.

“I love the ‘nouveau’ sweatshirt,” said Scarlett. “I think it’s such an interesting silhouette to mix a piece that is normally considered really casual with a cute A-line skirt or even pair with a great pin stripe wool suit.”

“Fashion is all about experimenting and having fun and this season’s tomboy spirit mixed with feminine silhouettes is something that I really like.”


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