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ADULTHOOD IS FILLED with responsibilities: bills, deadlines, and worrying about long-term plans. But for one night a month, the Canadian Museum of Nature offers an opportunity to indulge your inner six-year-old with a drink in hand.

On Aug. 18, the museum held their monthly Nature Nocturne event, this time with a Star Wars theme. Attendees were invited to dress up in cosplay and participate in themed activities.

There were only a couple rooms that catered to the Star Wars theme and they were quickly filled with people. There were tables of Star Wars Lego, a photo opportunity to simulate the use of the Force to levitate objects, and hair and make-up specialists to help achieve a Star Wars look.

The majority of people at the event were not dressed in costume and once they’d wandered through the few Star Wars-themed activities, they moved to ongoing exhibits and the dance floor.

Beverage and food tables were dispersed throughout the museum, except in the regular exhibit rooms where food and drink is not permitted. There was a DJ and strobe lights under a suspended whale and the floor was packed with young people dancing. The Animalium was filled with adults looking at spiders and cockroaches, and the arts and crafts tables were filled with people cutting and pasting with friends.

As a Star Wars event, the activities were a little thin. As an alternative to the usual night out, Nature Nocturne is a great option for students 19 and older. For $20 you can check out the museum, dance under a giant whale, and get crafty next to the creepy crawlies—and there are a lot more bathrooms than your average bar.


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