The song “Who’s Gassing Who” is available on all streaming platforms. Photo: Banggz/YouTube
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I want people to really hear me in my music because I feel like I can be the real me

Rap and hip hop have become dominant musical genres in mainstream culture, as evidenced by radio, television channels, and the sheer volume of new releases across the music industry. With the launch of his new song “Who’s Gassing Who?”, local Ottawa rapper, producer, and songwriter Banggz is following in the footsteps of his musical idols and sharing his stories with listeners. 

Banggz was surrounded by music throughout his upbringing in Nigeria, which led him to start studying rap and beats at the age of nine. The rapper’s fascination with rhyming and storytelling in the creation of a song is the source of his love and admiration for music. With musical influence from Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Drake, falling in love with rap was easy. 

“I don’t remember a time where I didn’t want to be a rapper, it’s really the only thing I remember having a passion for,” said Banggz in an interview with the Fulcrum.

Banggz’s music taste leans towards funk and jazz, where the grooves are unpredictable. These influences can be heard in the baselines and Afrobeats of his latest single, “Who’s Gassing Who?”

Fans of rap embrace the messages and stories that are expressed through his lyrics, and Banggz embodies this notion throughout his music. 

“My music is like a blank canvas and I can really put anything on it, I can do whatever I want with it, but I want to make sure it’s my narrative,” said Banggz.

The rapper appears vulnerable in “Who’s Gassing Who?” as he shares his personal growth and strength narrative. 

“I try to be as authentic as possible. In the second verse, [I say] “I grew taller than my opposition’s heightened fear of falling / I am not afraid of anything or anyone but college.” The raps and the beats allow my audience to feel what I was feeling at the time,” explained Banggz.

Banggz has earned a great amount of experience after performing a number of shows, including the CRUIZE CNTRL tour and opening for WizKid. Nothing, according to the rapper, can beat the feeling of performing on stage. 

Banggz is looking forward to pursuing his musical journey while sharing his stories and touring with his friends. With this, the rapper is excited to announce: “there is music ready for rollout this summer.”

When asked what advice he would give to up-and-coming rappers trying to make it into the Canadian music scene, Banggz said, “Just do you and do your thing. Trust your gut and make sure what you’re creating is unapologetically you.”

The song “Who’s Gassing Who” is available on all streaming platforms.