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Episode 7 – “Waterloo”

Photo by jasonwhat (CC)

Although much of the lingering plot lines of this season were wrapped up, this episode was about forward-thinking and moving on.

Peggy aced her Burger Chef pitch, with the support of Don. Much like the previous episode, this one provided insight into their platonic, mentor-protégé relationship. Director Matthew Weiner has also left the thought of them being romantic open, as they were positioned rather intimately watching the moon landing.

Since Don and Megan have finally split up (for now), Don is a free man again so it will be interesting to see his romantic and sexual relationships in the rest of the season next year. With trouble at the Francis residence, Betty and Don may rekindle their old love for each other.

Peggy has a rather motherly moment when she finds out Julio, who would roughly be the same age as her and Pete’s child, is leaving to live in a house with his mother — he was the one of the few supportive people in Peggy’s life. It’s another loss for Peggy, but a gain in her professional life as she is finally doing what she wants to in her career at the office.

The office pays their respects to Bert’s passing. Although he had a great love of modernist paintings, with works from Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko in his office, he was always the voice of reason and had a traditional viewpoint in social values — like not wanting a person of colour at the front desk. It’s interesting to note, with Bert watching the moon landing as he passes away, he also referred to space when the late Mrs. Blankenship passed away, calling her an astronaut.

Don has a hallucination of Bert at the end of the episode, as Weiner wanted to pay tribute to actor Robert Morse with his Broadway background. This is nothing new for Don since he has regularly seen dead people throughout the seasons.

Roger’s proposal to sell the company at 51 per cent is a cop-out on any conflict in the characters’ plot lines. Don cannot get fired in this new position, Joan does not have to depend on anyone else for a comfortable life, and Pete and Ted will most likely move back to New York.

It’s hard to tell what the rest of the season will bring next year because this episode resolved every hanging and lingering issue. Perhaps next year the episodes will focus on Don finally getting a fresh start with a new beginning with his work and home life.