Marshmello had the entire crowd jumping around. Photo: Noah Bailey/Fulcrum
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I am genuinely sore from jumping and dancing

The rain and clouds cleared up just before night five of Bluesfest got started. 

As I am writing this, I am recovering. 

Marshmello had me jumping up and down for the entirety of his set on Tuesday night. 


I have blisters, my calves are sore, and my voice is gone. It was a fucking blast. 

I will admit, even though Marshmello was RBC Bluesfest’s night five headliner, I went into it having no idea if I’d know much of the setlist or what the vibes would be. 

Somehow, every song had me hyped. 

I was definitely looking forward to hearing Come & Go. 

I can’t describe to you the adrenaline rush that took over my body when Juice WRLD’s voice came through the speakers.

The stage itself was an entire performance rather than the intimate one-on-ones we’ve seen at Bluesfest this far.  

The lights and the energy were unmatched. 

As someone who doesn’t listen to much EDM or attend concerts in the genre, I was impressed with how engaging the show was. 

For those who aren’t a huge fan of the EDM scene, Three Days Grace was on the River Stage at the same time.

The Canadian rock band has been around for years, and performed their hits to a crowd looking over them from the hill. 

In closing, it was another phenomenal night at Lebreton Flats. 

Luckily, there are still five more to go! 


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