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Where to find it: Café Nostalgica

There’s no better place to be on campus during the dwindling last days of warm weather than the patio of Café Nostalgica with a cold pint of beer.

Nostalgica has a great selection of local and domestic beers, but the Barking Squirrel Lager is the best choice for an afternoon—or late morning—drink in the sun.

Barking Squirrel is Hop City’s headliner beer. A sort of hybrid between a golden lager and amber ale, the Squirrel has the smoothness of a Creemore Springs Lager, but also the fruity tones and hint of bitterness that you’d expect in an IPA, like Muskoka Brewery’s Mad Tom.

It’s a delicious coming together of two worlds, just like that time you brought your significant other home to your parents and the night ended in laughs and board games, rather than the usual bloodshed.


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