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Where to find it: Café Nostalgica and Pour Boy (on Somerset just west of Kent)

This is the excitement of coming home after a semester away battling exams, essays, and malnourishment trapped in a bottle. Blanche de Chambly is the best of Quebec brewer Unibroue’s unique selection of finely crafted beers.

It’s a Belgian-style wheat beer with hints of lemon zest, a complex bouquet of spices, and smoky finish that will leave you speechless until the next pint arrives.

But the Blanche is a fickle creature, and if consumed too much in an evening will leave you full of regret and migraines the following morning. Best enjoyed on a night catching up with an old friend or early evening date.

4.5 pints out of 5

BEER (Full Pint)WEB

BEER (Full Pint)WEBBEER (Full Pint)WEBBEER (Full Pint)WEBBEER (Half Full Pint)WEB 


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