Gee-Gees merch at the U of O bookstore
The Campus Store is selling everything from sweaters to bucket hats. Image: Bardia Boomer/Fulcrum.
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May the best-dressed school win

With Panda Game coming up this week — and back at full capacity for the first time since 2019 — the game is an opportunity to show off your Gee-Gees spirit through garnet and grey fashion.

The Campus Store is the go-to place for U of O and Gee-Gees merch. Days ahead of the annual game, the pickings were pretty slim, leaving a number of empty racks and tables.

This year’s most sought-after options include the Gee-Gees garnet crewneck ($30) and any variation of the Gee-Gees t-shirt. With many different colours and logos to choose from, the t-shirt pairs well with pretty much anything.

Other choices include a Gee-Gees bandana — which can and is often worn in the style of a shirt — and a Gee-Gees bucket hat.

With how early Panda Game celebrations start, especially for those planning on attending a pre-game or the tailgate hosted by the University, balancing comfort and spirit can be crucial in making it through the long day. 

Popular outfits this year will likely include a classic Gee-Gees sweater and a tennis skirt, similar to last year’s trends. With the weather forecast looking close to 20 degrees, it seems like a weather-appropriate choice.

If the forecast remains, a rain poncho — which was pretty much required last year — may not be necessary. But the Campus Store has you covered if mother nature changes her mind. 

However, at a hefty price tag for some items, many students may turn to resellers such as Facebook Marketplace or Depop to find their school spirit attire. Alumni frequently resell their old rugby shirts, t-shirts, or sweaters. 

Whether it’s garnet or grey (but definitely not red,) show your school spirit on Saturday, Oct. 1 at TD Place and cheer on your Gee-Gees at the Panda Game.


  • Ainsley Jeffery is a third year student completing a Joint Honours in Political Science and Communications. She is passionate about student engagement on campus and when she isn’t in class she can be found reading in FSS.