Stuart from the Recklaws announced that Jenna had got engaged mid-song. Photo: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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Country night was the perfect way to close the three day music festival

With the final night of CityFolk featuring a lineup of country artists, it was necessary that I got my friends together to see Sacha, The Reklaws, and Dean Brody. 

I knew I had to break out the flannel — the basic attire for any country gathering. Despite dressing exactly like every other person in the crowd, it was easy to identify that I was not a diehard country fan because I literally wore white Nike Air Force 1’s like a poser. 

Before I continue, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to everyone who wore cowboy boots: do you actually use them? Or have they been sitting in your closet for the last two years waiting for this moment?

That said, it was exciting to have my friends tag along — a lineup of people even cooler than the ones onstage. 

I will admit, our predrinking took a little longer than expected, and we only caught the tail end of Sacha’s performance. In the short time, I saw her on stage, there was absolutely no lack of energy from her set. 

While waiting for The Reklaws to hit the stage, we took a stroll through the growing crowd of people in cowboy hats straight to the beer tent. 

Because options were limited, I went ahead and tried the new Coors seltzer. I was pleasantly surprised, and actually continued to drink them throughout the night. My friends all opted for Vizzy. 

Then, in true Fulcrum fashion, we performed a poutine review. 

After she had a few bites, I asked my friend what she ranked the concert food, and a whopping eight fleur-de-lis (keep in mind, our valiant editor in chief was not there to provide us with an expert’s rating…) were given to the poutine vendor for the snack’s crispy fries and deep-fried cheese curds. 

The Reklaws were very punctual, and the sibling duo took to the stage right at 7 p.m. 

While I didn’t know every song word for word, they had a handful of bops that I was familiar with, notably from their album Freshman Year

I will say, I found it very interesting that mid-song, Stuart announced that Jenna had got engaged. It was a lot to process while singing along. 

The performance was great, and the sun setting created an amazing atmosphere. Honestly, it was such a perfect way to see a concert, especially after two years without them. 

I really enjoyed the crossover between all the artists that played throughout the night. Sacha returned to the stage to join The Reklaws for “What the Truck,” an absolute banger if you ask me. 

Now let me tell you, the headlining act of the night put on a phenomenal show. Dean Brody definitely has a way of getting you to sing along, and at this point, the crowd was packed and the sun had set. 

It was a party. It was a comforting party. It finally felt like all the lame pandemic vibes completely vanished for a few hours. 

I’ll say it again, Dean Brody put on an amazing show, but my favourite part was when he called The Reklaws back onstage and they performed “Can’t Help Myself” together. I genuinely might have done more intense cardio dancing to that song than I do at Ultimate practice. 

Dean Brody closed the show beautifully, and I am so glad to have been in attendance for country night.