Panda Game is a weekend you don’t want to miss — but make sure you’re smart about it. Photo: Courtesy of Luke Todd
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Panda Game might be good for the spirits but it can be hard for the body. Read our survival guide to make sure your soul is revived for those Monday morning classes. 


Do not underestimate the pancake breakfast. Carbohydrates will be an integral step in your game day routine. Trust the legend. An on-the-go stack of makeshift box batter cakes, a brekky sandwich or a bagel with butter will do. Not only will it provide you with a boost of energy, but it will also act as a base for the digestive adventures that lay ahead. 

Winter is coming

It is undeniable that winter is, indeed, coming. This crisp October air is a warning to all of us that you will have to endure some breezy weather. The question is, will you be prepped and primed to weather the storm? Listen to your mom’s advice and wear layers — your U of O sweater should act as a good base. 


Let it be known that you will be hearing other people’s music all weekend long. A personally curated playlist, by either yourself or a close confidant, will make the Panda Game publics’ terrible taste in entertainment bearable. I advise putting a laughable amount of time into perfecting your playlist the night before. 

Hydration station

Drink water before, during, and after. Whatever goes in between is up to you. Just drink water. It’s cheap. It’s accessible. It’s necessary. 

Buddy system

Panda Game crowds are unforgiving. It’s every person for themselves out there. Before leaving the comfort of your home, pre-drink, or whatever suits your fancy — figure out your buddy. A buddy will be there when you can’t find your phone. A buddy will embrace you when you’re cold. A buddy will call the Uber when you’re faced with that “insufficient funds” notification. And you will do the same for your buddy. Stay safe, cozy and supported this Panda season. Grab a buddy.

Don’t eff with the police

None of us want to get arrested this weekend, right? Be kind and respectful. Oh, and do not walk on the road. If you’re making the bold move that is the infamous Russel Avenue street party, sidewalks are more fun anyway. 

Make it to the game

You would think this one is a no brainer, but you’re wrong. Getting to the football game itself has proven year after year to be one of the biggest obstacles of the weekend. Ubers, busses, obscene amounts of people, and the overwhelming desire to take a mid-day nap. All things that seem unsolvable, even at times hopeless, but the game is worth it. Get there and marvel in your triumph. 

Sunday brunch

Father & Sons? See you there.