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How does Ottawa like it? Kinky

FOR THE FIFTH year in a row, Ottawans were ready to mingle with vendors, shop, and get dirty at this year’s Sexapalooza at the Ottawa Convention Centre, Feb.... Read more.

Literature’s naughty night out

“DING!” THE CASH register sounded with another loud ring, signalling the success of yet another purchase at Venus Envy. My curiosity of what had been... Read more.

Online piracy—a writer’s view

TOP ONLINE PIRACY Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA), and Bill C-11 have been all over the news in recent weeks, with many opinions expressed from nearly all... Read more.

A naughty night at Maxwell’s

IT WAS IN 2002 that Bella Barecat and a group of friends saw a travelling burlesque troupe’s show and decided to start their own troupe in Ottawa. “It... Read more.

Interview with a graffiti artist

GRAFFITI IS A subject that sparks debate in the art world. Either people are for graffiti art, citing it as colourful investment our city should take advantage... Read more.

Café de dummy, please

LAST WEEK, I strolled into Timothy’s on Laurier Avenue and confidently ordered a macchiato. “What exactly do you mean by that?” asked the barista, much... Read more.

Sex in the capital city

Èva Morin | Fulcrum Contributor WALKING INTO MY first dating workshop was nothing short of terrifying. Having agreed to participate solely for research... Read more.

Arts Briefs

Spartacus returns OTTAWA—POPULAR STARZ PROGRAM, Spartacus, returns to TV sets later this month. The action-packed, antiquity-set show brings forth a new... Read more.

Spotlight On

LORENA ZIRALDO BORN IN ITALY but raised in Canada, Lorena Ziraldo debuted her exhibition A Conversation with a Painting… Continued on Jan. 25. Since... Read more.

Album Reviews

YOU ME AT SIX | Sinners Never Sleep Virgin Records 2/5 You Me At Six catapulted to fame through a timeless pop-punk formula: Catchy choruses, power... Read more.

Café de Dummy

LAST WEEK, I strolled into Timothy’s on Laurier Avenue and confidently ordered a macchiato. “What exactly do you mean by that?” asked the barista, much... Read more.

Students sound off on SOPA

SOPA MAY HAVE been put on hold, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a hot topic. Students across campus gave the Fulcrum their say on the proposed legislation,... Read more.

Who do you pray to?

Gods on display at the Museum of Civilization WHO DO YOU pray to? It’s a simple question that I was left pondering after leaving the Gods exhibit... Read more.

Hey writers, Munsch on this!

Children's author offers advice to succeed in creative writing MONTREAL (CUP)—YES, IT CAN be frustrating, difficult, and extremely exhausting to cultivate... Read more.

Movie Reviews

Joyful Noise 3/5 IMAGINE WATCHING GLEE as a feature film, but set in a small, southern town in the United States. This is exactly how Todd Graff’s... Read more.

Blood On The Moon

Great Canadian Theatre Company 4/5 A MURDER, A nail-biting trial, and politics. This may sound like another quintessential Hollywood blockbuster trailer,... Read more.

Copyright Crazy

Through the lens SOPA AND PIPA sound like two unfortunate nicknames for a couple of snot-nosed, pigtail-wearing schoolgirls. You’ll be disappointed to... Read more.

Goodbye Occupy, hello SOPA

Proposed copyright reform creates controversy IT’S A NEW bill that’s creating quite the stir. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has dethroned the Occupy... Read more.